Season 3 SQH Podcast

Episode 35: Antagonistic Avian Atrocities in Audio

Finally, here it is! The season finale of the Space Quest Historian Podcast’s 3rd season.

The episode came out on YouTube last week, but due to circumstances beyond my control (my executive producer was on holiday), subscribers on iTunes and other podcast feeds got it a week later. But never mind that! It is here; behold the glory!

Download the mp3 — or just subscribe via iTunes, Android/RSS, or the otherworldly weirdness of Stitcher Radio.

And why should you? Weeell, because there are 4 extra episodes coming out after this one!

These episodes will finish up the Music Talk with Brandon Blume, Ken Allen and James Mulvale, as well as feature an entirely new 4-part interview with Francisco Gonzalez (A Golden Wake, Shardlight, the Ben Jordan series) on whether or not Space Quest holds up today!

Plus outtakes, some behind-the-scenes rambling, and more.

Francisco is also in this episode as part of the “Podcast Circle Jerk” interview, which features 7 of my good podcast buddies: Francisco and Ben (Blue Cup Tools), Joe Mastroianni (Upper Memory Block), Brian and Bianca Devins (Square Waves FM), and, of course, Frederik Olsen and Gareth Millward (Back Seat Designers).

I only put a small bit of the complete Circle Jerk in the episode, however. The full event lasted for two hours, and you can listen to it in all its gloriousness over on Mixcloud:

Oh, I nearly forgot. Yes, the season finale is on YouTube as well:

Oh, shit, I totally forgot: Yes, the CyberCedric single is, in fact, very real. You can download it for free at It includes an extended 7 minute mix of the song you hear at the start of this episode.

So, that is it! I will see you next time for some smaller extra episodes, but until then — take care, and I hope you have enjoyed season 3!

Season 3 SQH Podcast

Episode 34: Orbiting the Adventure Sun

Much belated, but not really: the episode went up as planned on Wetness Day (September 14th), but — as is explained with palpable pain in my voice in the opening of this episode — a Windows update had brought my system to its knees, forcing me to do a full system reset. So this post and the episode’s YouTube version is a bit late, but I hope you can manage.

As alluded to in the previous episode’s music talk, back in 1991, Ken Allen redid the soundtrack to Space Quest IV for the PC speaker in a day because he wasn’t happy with how a colleague had done it. So, to honor this feat (and also because Ken asked me not to), we begin this episode with the main theme from Space Quest IV, as performed by the inimitable single-beep PC speaker.

Special guest this evening is none other than game journalist, game writer, and walking game encyclopedia, Richard Cobbett, talking about the do’s and don’ts of adventure game designs.

Also on the program: Serena talks about the future of crowdfunding adventure games, Jess talks about breaking the fourth wall, and Pete talks bollocks.

Listen to the whole thing here:

Download the episode here — and be sure not to ever miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes, RSS, or whatever grody, gnarly thang Stitcher Radio is.

Or, if YouTube is your thing, it’s over there, too:

Even though I extended the interview segment in this episode, there’s oh so many good bits I had to cut out — because the unedited interview with Richard took over two hours. So, please, if you like what you hear, do yourself the favor and listen to the full, unedited interview on Mixcloud:

And, of course, you can’t miss Pete’s uncensored rant on how he finally had to shut the doors to Priapic Mountain.

Next time, things get meta as I cram 7 people into the interview segment: Brian and Bianca of Square Waves FM, Ben and Francisco of Blue Cup Tools, Joe of Upper Memory Block, and Fred and Gareth of Back Seat Designers all get together to talk about the hows and whys of podcasting about games. Behind-the-scenes stuff abounds in a very special season finale.

Season 3 SQH Podcast

Episode 33: Eye Spy the End of an Era

It is Wetness Day once again, and this episode is chock full of good stuff! First of all, Cedric announces that he’s moving to Norway — so that’s a major plus already.

Second, our “music pal” Ken Allen is giving away remastered music from his days at Tsunami Games for free to listeners of this podcast. Offer ends September 30th. Have a listen to the show itself for details on how to get this good stuff!

And third, our special interview guest tonight is none other than Wadjet Eye Games mastermind Dave Gilbert himself. Yes, the same Dave Gilbert that we interviewed over on Back Seat Designers a couple of weeks ago. But this interview has the strong advantage of having been taped over 6 months ago, back in February, so it’s chock full of outdated information! Well, no, actually, it’s a delightful romp through Dave’s career and his game design philosophy.

Last but not least, there’s more crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, more madness from Pete Toleman’s mental filth pit, and more music talk with our friends Brandon, James and Ken.

Listen to the whole shebang here:

Or download the mp3. Or subscribe to the show via iTunes or RSS or that mythical entity of mystery and bewilderment that Stitcher Radio is.

You can also watch it on YouTube, because that’s apparently a thing some people do:

And, yes, the full, unedited 1 hour interview with Dave Gilbert can be found on Mixcloud — just remember, as I said, the interview is over 6 months old now, and he does say a few things that aren’t entirely accurate today. You know, things tend to change over a 6 month period. But all the stuff about his adventure game design philosophy and that he lives next to a hospital, that’s all still true.

Finally, of course, I know you’re dying to hear Pete Toleman unhinged and uncensored. This week’s memoir tape, with all the nasty profanity intact, can be heard over on Tumblr. Do check it out, if nothing else then for the satisfaction of hearing someone enthusiastically entice you to “fuck Ken Williams.”

That is it, and I will see you in two weeks for more space nonsense. Next week will have an extra special long interview segment, because my guest will be the master of both written and spoken words, Richard Cobbett, and that interview ran close to TWO hours — so it will be impossible to cut all that down to just 30 minutes in one episode. Stay tuned!

Season 3 SQH Podcast

Episode 32: Genesis of an Exodus

This blog post is a day late, and there’s a reason for that. I almost had to delay the entire episode for a day because I was missing a critical part of the show. I had the entire episode edited except for that bit, and it stayed in this 90% finished state for most of Wetness Day — right until the day was almost over.

So I scrambled to put the rest of it together, and was done with two minutes to spare until midnight. But I figured that was okay, since midnight my time is still middle-of-the-day-ish on U.S. soil, so it would technically still come out on a Wednesday.

Another thing you might notice is the noticeably poorer audio quality whenever I speak. I had recorded the entire episode and didn’t discover until I listened back to it that there was an annoyingly loud hiss underneath the entire thing. I gated it as best I could, but it is sadly a bit noticeable when you listen with headphones. I know I should’ve been professional and re-recorded it, but I was already fretting about not making it in time, and I decided I couldn’t be arsed. My apologies.

Anyway! Time to bring the thunder! In this episode, we have:

  • More crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson!
  • Another trip down memory lane with Dr. Jess Morrissette — did you know how hard it was to find Space Quest games in the late 90’s/early 00’s?
  • A word in edgewise from Pete Toleman, his narrator, and — for the first time — his producer.
  • An interview with Agustín Cordes of Senscape, creator of Scratches, Serena and the upcoming Asylum.

Special thanks to my good friend Haje Jan Kamps for being “Special Norwegian Consultant” on this show. I asked him for help with a suitably silly-sounding black metal band name in Norwegian (“Fjørfjølsfimbul”), and also to suggest a real place in Norway that’s absurdly remote. Do go look up Nuvsvåg on Google Maps — it’s every bit as weird as the episode makes it out to be.

Listen to the episode here:

Or download it here. And, of course, subscribe on iTunes, Android, and whatever ungodly instrument of destruction Stitcher Radio is.

You can also watch it on YouTube, if that gets your juices flowing:

Here’s the full, unedited interview with Agustín Cordes over on Mixcloud — do check it out; there’s a ton more good stuff in there that I had to edit out of the episode. Yes, about Space Quest as well. We talked a lot about Space Quest.

And, of course, what episode would be complete without Pete Toleman’s uncensored, NSFW rant? Even his announcer, Joe Cassara, drops an F-bomb this time!

Well, tune in next Wetness Day for more shenanigans!