SQH Reviews: Day of the Tentacle

The second ever video review of a game I have already played and intend to spoil the living shit out of for your viewing pleasure is here: It's LucasArts' celebrated classic (and the first game I ever bought on CD-ROM, back when my pubes had barely grown in): Day of the Tentacle. Recently re-released in … Continue reading SQH Reviews: Day of the Tentacle


SQH Reviews: Inherit the Earth

Thanks to the benevolence of the Patreon backers, I now present to you the first ever SQH Reviews -- a.k.a. "Save Game Theatre." This is a new video series where I take a detailed look at a game I have already completed (unlike my Let's Play series, where I play games I haven't). And since … Continue reading SQH Reviews: Inherit the Earth