Every once in a while, I get to do some cool interviews with people. Most of the time I ask people to simply submit their responses as a monologue, so I don’t have to intercut my questions into their spiel and pretend like I’m sitting in the same room as them (that never works quite like you want it to).

But other times, I have to cut stuff up in chunks and release them over multiple episodes, or people will respond in a fashion where there’s no audio available and I have to recount their responses myself. So here I present to you: the interview gallery. Have fun!

Interview with Jeff Stewart

I interviewed Jeff Stewart, creator of Space Quest 0: Replicated, for episode 18. Jeff responded by email and had me read out his responses on the show. So, for those of you who are interested, you can read the entire interview yourself here.

» Read Jeff Stewart’s interview

Also of note is Jess Morrissette’s interview with Jeff, conducted back at the time of the game’s release. Read that here.

Ken Allen interviews Frank Klepacki

Frank Klepacki, composer and sound designer for some of your favorite non-Sierra games including Legend of Kyrandia and Command & Conquer, was interviewed by our music pal Ken Allen. The interview ran over several episodes of the podcast, but I decided to also post the interview segments isolated on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

» Check out the three-part interview here