Chapter 1

The Quest Begins

I woke up on Tuesday morning and checked my communicator to see that I had an urgent message on the Book of Faces Subspace Messenger System requesting my immediate presence at a meeting of the Sierra Collector’s Guild that morning. I was surprised to see such an immediate request, but knowing that it had to be pretty important, I made it a point to clear my schedule for the rest of the morning to attend. I got into my small ship and flew to the hidden base located deep within the Yosemite Asteroid Belt.

When I arrived, I found that many of the Guild council had already arrived and were seated at the circular table: Brandon, the Great Preserver; Brad-VR4, his android assistant; Eriq, the Arts Master; C-PageS-2, Eriq’s assistant android; Scott, the Hi-Res Master; and the mysterious Collector, the Grand Poobah. They had brought out the Sierra Chest, the grand sum of knowledge of all things Sierra, and his assistant android CRAY-412, so I knew something important must be going on. Eventually the newer members arrived as well: Paskarl, Commander Falcon and JP. We all took our seats as Collector called the meeting to order.

“Greetings, collectors,” he said. “We’ve received word from the great Chest that a terrible tragedy has just occurred. Late last night, the Space Pope was supposed to be meeting with the Two Guys from Andromeda; however, they did not show up for the meeting. When the Space Pope arrived at their apartment, he found it ransacked, and the Two Guys missing!” Collector paused for a moment, allowing this to sink in. “He has sent out a request that a band of heroes be brought together to attempt to find them, and he has requested that one of us attend.” There was a buzz that started amongst the Guild, as we were all curious to know what had happened to the Two Guys, and who was going to be chosen.

Collector raised up his hands again, requesting silence. “After discussing it with the Chest and the Space Pope,” he continued, “I have already decided who will be chosen for this mission.” I looked around, betting that it would probably be Brandon, due to his knowledge of general Sierra information, as he was also the head of the Sierra Graphical Exchange Group. Collector, though, focused his eyes on me. “Josh,” he said with a smile, “You have been chosen to represent the Guild on this quest.”

I was a bit taken aback by this. “Me, Sir?” I asked. “Surely there must be someone who’s more qualified! I mean, I’m a big Space Quest fan, but I haven’t even beaten all of the Two Guys’ games…”

“Ah, but you have a general knowledge of many different Sierra titles,” Collector interrupted. “Plus, you already have a strong presence in the Space Quest community, and you will also already know all of the other people who are being selected for this quest. My servant, Tawmis, will be captaining the vessel on which you will be traveling on. And you already know the Quest’s leader, Serena Nelson.”

“The Hero of the Adventure Game Revival Movement?” I asked. “Of course! Her research and dedication to our community have been essential to bringing about galactic awareness to our cause!”

“You are to meet her at Starpoint Station in two hours,” Collector informed me. “She will fill you in with all the rest of the information. The Guild will take care of your work in your absence.” He continued to talk about other things relating to the Guild and explaining the practicals to the others about what would need to occur in my absence, but I was having difficulty paying attention. Who could have kidnapped the Two Guys? What would have caused such a thing? How will this affect the SpaceVenture release? I thought.

I was so deep in my thoughts I didn’t realize that Collector had adjourned the meeting until Brandon tapped me on my shoulder. “Hey Brandon,” I said, looking up at him. “What’s up?”

“I’d like you to take Brad along with you,” Brandon said, indicating the remarkably human-like android next to him. “He could definitely come in handy on your quest.”

“That’s awesome!” I responded. I had always liked Brad. He and I had shared many a late night collection discussion about Sierra games. “Thank you so much!”

“Of course,” Brandon replied. “If you need anything else, Brad can contact me. See you around!”

I got up from the table and walked with Brad towards the docking bay. “So, Brad, do you have any more information about what’s going on?” I asked.

“I am afraid not,” the remarkably human-like android responded. “The information has been rather scarce based on the news reports that I have been able to gather. It would appear that whoever has orchestrated this wants things to remain hush-hush.”

“Hmm…Well, maybe Serena will have some more information,” I thought aloud. “Let’s go to Starpoint Station!”

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