Kitty Quest

Another year, another AdventureJam. This time, my wife had the brilliant idea of making a game about our cats.

I wrote a pretty extensive blog post about how we went about photographing our cats (and my wife), so I won’t bore you with those details again.

My wife as a digitized sprite in the game, along with our two (real-life) cats.

The game uses a custom UI template that was coded by a fellow named Ben Ess. It enabled me to do specific interactions for every hotspot, so you can “claw at” the sofa and “climb” the trees, instead of just the ubiquitous “look” and “use” verbs we’re used to. He wrote the template for my Space Quest Historian: The Adventure Game, but it was just too good not to use for this jam game.

It did cause a couple of problems when it came time to do the multiple protagonist thing, where you can switch between the two kitties at any time. Long story short, there are no scrolling screens in the game because of this bug.

The garbage cats aren’t any real-life cats I know. I just found them by searching for “mean cats” on Google.

I had also programmed in a shortcut that let me skip the first part of the game, where you’re supposed to escape from the house — and … forgot to take it out before I released the game.

Of course, this is the version that YouTubers played:

I did manage to fix that little oversight, so the game you can now download is the definitive version.

Download the game and soundtrack on GameJolt

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