Ramp It Up

AdventureJam 2018 was a fantastic experience. For the first time, I was on a team instead of just operating solo. Specifically, I had help in the art and music department, and it made a world of difference.

The art was done by Amberle Johnson, a.k.a. Awesomonster, who absolutely got it right off the bat. I told her I was looking for some “children’s book”-type art that would eventually “turn very, very bad.” I’d bumped into Amberle a couple of times on Twitter and through her (sadly shortlived?) podcast Your Favorite Game.

The music was done by Jon Paul Sapsford, a professional musician who had contacted me some months prior asking if I needed music for my games, and whom I had actually turned down because “I like to score my own games.” What a mistake that was. When the jam rolled around, I came crawling back to him, asking if he’d like to write a couple of tunes for this game, and thankfully he was still up for it.

I spent the first weekend of the jam building a prototype that had all the puzzle mechanics in place. That way, the rest of the two weeks would consist of actually writing the dialogue, doing the art, and fixing bugs.

You’d think having all those ducks in a row in the first weekend would mean we were way ahead on schedule. And yet we still finished with less than a day to spare.

Here’s a video of me halfway into the last week of development, visibly exhausted and fretting about being able to get it done in time:

I’m not going to spoil the game, since it very much relies on a twist ending (albeit, in hindsight, a somewhat obvious one). I’ll just leave you with a couple of Let’s Plays of the game, who will spoil the game for me: