What Spunky Found

In November 2014, I participated in my first ever game jam: Point and Click Jam 2014. The challenge was to create a point-and-click adventure game in two weeks.

It had been a while since I’d played around with AGS, but it sounded like a fun idea, and I had recently nicked a drawing tablet from work. Those two prospects put together could be interesting, I felt.

I didn't say it would be a pretty one.
I didn’t say it would be a pretty one.

One of the rules was that no graphics or programming could commence before the actual jam started, so I went at it by staying up very late on weekends to draw and doing programming/dialogue writing on the weekday evenings.

The soundtrack was cobbled together from old bits of music I had done many, many years prior that few people knew about. In fact, some of the pieces there are probably a decade older than the game itself!

The titular Spunky. He's not a friendly person.
The titular Spunky. He’s not a friendly person.

One bug persisted in this game that were also in A Life Worth Losing: walkable areas that were supposed to be turned off but weren’t. I made the stupid mistake of putting a puzzle similar to one in ALWL in this game: you have to get past a fence. However, if you sort of nudge your character around the corner, you can pass through the fence without solving the actual puzzle. This is why I’m never playing with turning walkable areas on/off ever again.

Download game / soundtrack from GameJolt