What’s In the Safe?

For the game jam AdventureJam 2015 in April 2015, I once again couldn’t pass up trying to create an adventure game in two weeks.

But I also didn’t want to sit around and draw sprites. ‘Cos I’m terrible at drawing, and I’m even worse at animating.

So I decided on a somewhat novel approach: I would do a first-person adventure game and have all the NPC’s (of which there are a whopping total of two) be “cardboard cutout” digitized characters.

This guy didn't have to audition. (I found him on a Google Images search.)
This guy didn’t have to audition. (I found him on a Google Images search.)

I photographed all the backgrounds around my workplace in Taastrup and my home in Roskilde, and then downgraded them to oblivion in Photoshop to give them a retro-ish Commodore 64 look.

My friend Brian Devins composed the main theme, and I did variations of his theme for the remainder of the soundtrack.

Again, if you don’t feel like actually downloading and playing the game, I did a Let’s Play of it around the time of its release:

After completing the game, I had the idea of doing a talkie version of it. I commissioned my good friend Amayirot Akago to provide the voice of the main character, and I voiced the main antagonist, Winny, myself.

The talkie version took way longer to complete because of procrastination and all sorts of horseshit, but it finally got released in February 2016.

Download the game and soundtrack at GameJolt

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