What the hell is this?

Hi. I’m the Space Quest Historian. I do a lot of things. Hopefully, this website can function as a not-too-confusing hub for all this activity.

Let’s Plays

Yup, I play games on YouTube. I do three videos a week. They come out every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4pm CET.

Check out my YouTube channel

Live streams

I also do a live stream where I play a game once a week on Twitch. It’s a very interactive affair, and I enjoy interacting with the chat while I play. I stream every Sunday at 2pm CET.

Live streams are also archived in their entirety on my YouTube channel.

Currently streaming: Life Is Strange (watch past streams)

Check out my Twitch channel


I write blog posts about (mostly) the adventure game scene, being an amateur game developer, being an amateur YouTuber, and just general stuff about games.

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I write, produce, and host the Space Quest Historian podcast. The first two seasons were (primarily) about Space Quest, featuring contributions by Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, Josh Mandel, Chris Pope, Mark Seibert, Ken Allen, Bob Siebenberg, and a host of Space Quest fans.

The 3rd season featured interviews with the creators of games like Fran Bow, Blackwell Epiphany, Dropsy the Clown, and Darkside Detective.

Check out season 1, season 2, or season 3 here — or subscribe (iOS, Android, et.al.) at Feedburner.

There are also extended interviews from season 3 available on Mixcloud.