Why Patreon?

I set up a Patreon because … well, it seemed like a good idea.

I’m very fortunate that a handful of very nice individuals choose to support me. In return, this is what they get:

  • Access to the SQH Backer community via Discord.
  • Exclusive videos.
  • The opportunity to sit in on selected livestreams.

The SQH Backer chat on Discord is a small but lively community of likeminded individuals. I’m there almost every day to chat about anything — games, music, etc. I frequently poll my backers for their opinions on what games I should play, what kind of content I should do, etc. I try to listen to everyone, but if you want to truly have an influence, the SQH Backer Discord is where to go.

The exclusive videos are usually extended episodes of stuff that’s going up on YouTube. I try to keep my regular videos to a maximum of 30 minutes, but sometimes there’s just a lot that has to go on the cutting room floor. Backers get the extended experience. There’s also some exclusive content, like outtakes, backer-only vlogs, behind-the-scenes stuff, and more.

Backers also get the chance to sit in on selected livestreams and commentate on the games with me. Not all streams work like this, but when they do, backers are invited into a Discord DM where they can watch the game in real-time and use their microphones to comment on it alongside me.

If this sounds at all interesting, do consider leaving me a buck or two on my Patreon page.