SQH Stream Marathon 2018

The SQH Stream Marathon 2018 is the brainchild of Amy “SummerB76” Tant. She thought it would be a swell idea for us to do a marathon stream for charity somewhere around Christmas time. And then it happened. Funny how that works.

When does it happen?

December 29th, 2018. We will be streaming back-to-back, meaning every streamer gets a two-hour slot to play their game of choice.

Where can I watch?

All of it happens on the Space Quest Historian channels on Twitch or YouTube — simultaneously. Pick whichever. It doesn’t matter.

You can watch live on twitch.tv/spacequesthistorian or youtube.com/spacequesthistorian

Who are you and what games will you play?

Follow-up question: Any fancy guest stars on your streams?

The sched is as follows (all times are in CET):

12pm – 2pm
Game: “Not Tonight”
Guest commentator: Richard Cobbett

2pm – 4pm
Game: “Silent Night”
Guest commentator: Jonathan Boakes (creator/writer)

4pm – 6pm
Game: “State of Mind”

6pm – 8pm
Space Quest Historian
Game: “Darkside Detective” (Season 1 Bonus Chapters)

8pm – 10pm
Game: “Lamplight City”
Guest commentator: Francisco Gonzalez (creator/writer/artist)

10pm – 12am
Alexander Mejia
Games: “Starship Commander: Arcade” (his own game) + “Transference”
(Both VR games)

12am – 2am
Gemini Does Games
Games: “So, uh… A Spaceship Crashed in my Yard” & “Pendula Swing – Episode 1”

2am – 4am
Game: “Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption”
Guest commentators: Lori & Corey Cole (designers)

4am – 6am
Game: “Unavowed”
Guest commentator: Ben Chandler (graphic artist)

Who is this for?

The reason we’re doing this is two-fold:

  1. To pay homage to the adventure games and narrative-driven games that came out in 2018
  2. To benefit Girls Make Games, a terrific organization that’s helping young girls become future game designers

Oh, and also because it sounded like fun. So, three-fold, I guess.

Every time you donate during the stream — using this tip jar — your donation will 100% go to Girls Make Games*. No profit to us. Everything to them. It’s a good cause, so we’re happy to do that.

* Maybe there’s some transfer fee bullshit involved that’s out of our control, so, realistically, we all know it’s not 100%. But we’re giving as much as the system will let us.

Wanna help promote?

Here are some graphics you can use to promote this event. Tweet it or share it with the hashtag #SQHStreamMarathon — and remember to tag @GirlsMakeGames so they can signal boost as well.