Space Quest Olympics 2018

The event of the year is here!

To celebrate the birthday of Scott Murphy — and raise awareness for his cancer treatment fundraising — we’re going to storm the field and compete!

What are the Space Quest Olympics?

Basically, we’ll be playing 5 arcade sequences from the Space Quest series and see who comes out on top.

The winner gets a Digital Golden Mop (okay, it’s just a shitty picture of a mop I photoshopped a golden color) and the honor of being Olympic Champion of Space Quest!

When?! Where?!

The event will be livestreamed on Saturday, October 13 at 9pm CEST. Check your local times here.

You can watch on either or and participate in the chat.

What are the events?

Glad you asked! These are the diabolical events the contestants will be competing in:

Spider Droid Evasion

Contestants must evade the Sarien Spider Droid on fast mode. Last person standing wins!

Root Monster Race

Contestants must traverse the deadly Root Monster maze… to the end and back again! Think that’s too easy? Well, they have to do it three times!

First time: on “normal” speed. Second time: on “fast” speed. And third: you guessed it — on “fastest!”

Astro Chicken Gauntlet

Contestants must play Astro Chicken. First person to get to the “secret message” (i.e. beat the game) screen wins!

Burger Flipping Challenge

Contestants must flip burgers at Monolith Burger until they can flip no more. And no touching the game’s speed slider! We all know that’s how you cheat this thing, and we’re not doing that!

Crest Cleaning

Contestants must clean the StarCon crest. First person to finish wins!

What are the rules?

  • All games must be run in ScummVM to prevent cycle cheating.
  • All events must be started simultaneously. Contestants will be competing live.
  • Contestants will be screensharing their game window while playing so everyone can watch.

Want to be a contestant?

There are limited spots available for contestants but everyone can compete! You will just need the following:

  • Copies of Space Quests 1-5 (why not SQ6? because there are no arcade sequences in it!)
  • Savegames at the start of the events
  • ScummVM (to prevent cycle cheating)
  • A Discord profile (we will be playing in a Discord DM)

Want to play? Send an email to with your Discord profile name.

Why are we doing this?

Scott Murphy — one of the creators of the original Space Quest games — recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer. As a result, his personal finances have depleted faster than Roger’s hydration on the planet Kerona.

We’re hoping to raise awareness for a GoFundMe campaign that’s currently running to help him out with his finances and hopefully ease the stress as he recovers from his surgery.

Don’t want to wait? You can go to and help out right now!