Space Quest Olympics 2021

The event of the year is here! The annual Space Quest Olympics will once again take place on Scott Murphy’s birthday, October 13th @ 7 pm CEST.

This year, we’re doing things a little different. The theme for this year is SPEEDRUNNER’S DELIGHT!

That means, instead of competing in singular events like Astro Chicken, Skate-o-Rama, etc., we will now be competing in a speedrun gauntlet — one for each game. Not the entire games, mind you. Just carefully selected portions of them.

Space Quest I
Starting point: Immediately after exiting the crashed escape pod on Kerona
End point: Entering the screen with the underground hologram

Space Quest II
Starting point: Immediately after exiting the shuttle on Vohaul’s asteroid
End point: Entering Vohaul’s chambers

Space Quest III
Starting point: Immediately after Roger exits the escape pod on the garbage freighter
End point: Entering the cutscene screen where Roger blasts out the side of the freighter

Space Quest IV (CD-ROM version)
Starting point: Immediately after being left by the Latex Babes at the Galaxy Galleria
End point: Immediately after entering the Sequel Police’s time pod in the Arcade

Space Quest V
Starting point: Immediately after coming out of the simulator at the start of the game
End point: Entering the cutscene where Roger reads his test scores

Space Quest 6
Starting point: Immediately after Roger is extracted from the hole at the start of the game
End point: The animation where Roger’s money lands on the table at the Dew Beam Inn


  • Contestants must use ScummVM to prevent cycle cheating.
  • Contestants must leave the games at their default speed. Increasing or decreasing game speed is grounds for disqualification.
  • Savescumming is allowed.

Become a contestant

Join the SQH Discord and have a look in the #sq-olympics channel. Announce your candidacy by pinging @Space Quest Historian and saying you want to compete.

Date / time

The event takes place Oct. 13, 2021 @ 7 pm CEST.

Thanks, PickledDog!

The event will be livestreamed on my Twitch/YouTube channels.

All donations during the stream will go to Scott Murphy as a happy birthday gift.

How to compete

The competition will take place on Discord. We will enter a group DM and share our screens with the games. Having a webcam and mic is not required, but definitely encouraged.

There is room for a total of 7 contestants other than myself (SQH), who will also compete in the events, and two commentators who will provide live commentary on the events.