Guinness World Records thinks George Stobbart is older than Tex Murphy

The first Broken Sword game was released in 1996. It was a great game — at least, I think so. I really enjoyed it a lot. It was dry, humorous, exciting, gorgeous, and well-written, even if it moved a tad slowly at times.

So I’m not going into this because I hate Broken Sword. I really don’t. I may have said in the past that I think Broken Sword is a dead horse that needs to stop being beaten, I have very little but contempt for Broken Sword 3 to the point where I outright refuse to play Broken Sword 4, and, while I’m open to playing the latest crowdfunded instalment, Broken Sword 5, I haven’t yet and I’m not in any hurry to. I stand by those utterances, but it doesn’t change the fact that I like Broken Sword.

Okay? Great.

With that in mind, I really must strenuously object to Guinness World Records awarding George Stobbart, the Broken Sword main character, the “longest running graphic adventure videogame protagonist.”

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