My first DOOM WAD – in progress

Bit of old news at this point but I figured I may as well collect it all here. It’s not that old news, and technically it’s still ongoing news, seeing as I am still– wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

These past few weeks, I’ve been using my 30 minute train ride to and from work to map out my first DOOM WAD.

“A DOOM WAD?” you may ask, appearing to speak in all-caps because of spelling conventions and acronyms. “Why would SQH, an adventure game player of ill repute, be spending his time making a DOOM WAD instead of, I dunno, playing adventure games?”

Well, I’ve always wanted to make DOOM maps. And now, thanks to the adventures of fellow YouTuber David X. Newton and his series of DOOM WAD playtesting (accompanied by his always hilarious commentary), my inspiration was rekindled. After having watched 2½ hours of tutorial videos, I set out with Doom Builder (for some reason not in all-caps) and have been at it ever since.

After making my first map, I invited David on my livestream to 1) play the map I had made:

and 2) create a new map for the WAD — this one an underground lair of hellishness that, bizarrely, ended up looking a bit like a mutant version of the Wendy’s burger chain logo.

Much fun was had, and, as I’m writing this, the WAD project is still moving forwards. The premise, as alluded to in the video of the first map, is that you’re playing a dude that showed up for work one morning with a pistol, intent on killing everyone at the office, but, to his dismay, found that the hordes of Hell had beaten him to it. Now doubly pissed off, he decides to murder all of Hell instead.

I’m 5 maps into the 8 map episode (and I will, of course, also be including a 9th “secret” map that will be deliciously stupid). You will be kept updated, of course.

“But hang on,” you may interject, rudely and unnecessarily, “what happened to all that ‘DOOM killed the adventure games’ nonsense of the mid-to-late 90s? Weren’t you–”

And then I cut you off, saying, “Way ahead of you there. Check this out.”

And then you watched this vlog:

Feats of strength (and failure)

Bit of old news at this point, I’m afraid, but it deserves archiving. Another one of Joe’s Hangouts took place earlier this month, covering a topic that I suggested. I really shouldn’t have, because I didn’t have any good stories to share on the subject, but it worked out well, anyway.

As usual, the whole thing took place on Hangouts, which means you can watch the participants on video talking about how they wrangled DOS memory managers, CD-ROM games that were impossible to get running, and other assorted tales of pre-Windows XP heroism.

Sadly, my connection was pretty choppy, so there’s a lot of stuttering and unplanned robotic voice filtering coming from my end. I blame Hangouts, though, because the very next day, I was streaming Life Is Strange in 60 fps on Twitch with no problems, so … fuck you, Google.

There’s also an audio version, which you can get from Joe’s website.