Battle of the U.I.s, Rants and raves

Battle of the U.I.s, Pt. 1: Icon bar vs. 2-button

I had an interesting “story meeting” over Skype with Josh Henry, the dude who wrote this, and is now helping me hammer out a story for Space Quest Historian: The Adventure Game.

He asked me something I don’t think has been discussed nearly enough, save for a few bouts of opinionated back-and-forth on Twitter, and certainly not in the forum of long-winded blog posts: What’s the best user interface experience for adventure games?

There are just too many to cover in a single blog post, so I am making this into a series of posts. I assure you, this will eventually lead us down to what I ultimately consider the most successful and ultimately best type of interface of all time.

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Rants and raves

Your favorite Sierra characters beating the snot out of each other

This is one of those things that deserves being spread around like fungus, or perhaps an especially virulent STD.

What if someone suggested we took all our favorite protagonists from classic 80’s-era Sierra games and made them square off, Mortal Kombat-style? You’d probably have them committed.

Let’s be grateful, then, that this has yet to happen to the lads over at Jolly Roger Epic Productions (but probably will soon), because they went ahead and did just that.

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