Guest appearances

Two guest shows in a row

It seems like I’ve nearly forgotten about this page by now, and, truthfully, I nearly have. With everything that’s going on over in the land of YouTube and Twitch, blogging seems like a past-time that borders on self-indulgence more than anything.

But I do want to keep a record of my past accomplishments, however small they may be in the grand scheme of things, and to that end, I am now (very belatedly) archiving these appearances I did on two other shows. I did these almost back-to-back on the same day, so by the time I was done, it felt like I had run a live-stream marathon. I hadn’t, of course, but I did get to bed very, very late in the morning.

First, I went on Human Interact’s live-stream to watch Alexander play Phantasmagoria. Having recently completed my own playthrough of the game (featuring Richard Cobbett and Natalie Juhasz as co-commentators), I relished the opportunity to share the pain of playing that awful, awful FMV travesty with yet another person.

Then, a few hours later, I went on Indie Game Riot’s live podcast to chat about Snail Trek, the game that made parser games fun to play again. The host and I — never met him before, incidentally — quickly hit it off and started going off on long tangents about adventure game design in general, so it was a very fun experience. I thought it was going to be me in a crowd of people, so I didn’t really expect to be on camera, nor did I expect to be practically the only other guy on the show beside the host and a couple of commenters in the Twitch chat.

I had a blast with both appearances, and a big ol’ thank you to both Alexander and the IGR guys for having me on their shows.

Rants and raves

Happy new year! Have a cheesy mug

Hope everyone had a great New Year! It’s finally 2017 and we can stop blaming four random digits for everything that goes wrong in our lives.

While I’m being such an endearing person, maybe I can share a bit of news with you. As of just two days before the new year, my Patreon shot past the $80 a month milestone mark. Thank you so much to all these lovely people!

The milestone meant that I now had to look into merchandising — well knowing that probably not a single soul on this planet would be caught dead wearing or decorating their house with anything that resembles me.

But I said I’d do it, and by god I did it. Behold! The official SQH Swag Store!

Yup. You made that happen. Aren't you proud of yourselves?
Yup. You made that happen. Aren’t you proud of yourselves?

The store has all the usual shit, like t-shirts and a hat and some posters, like this cataract-inducing hippie shirt:

My eyes!
My eyes!

And this fill-in-your-own-death-at-the-hands-of-CyberCedric poster:

"That rat-bastard owl set my house on fire."
“That rat-bastard owl set my house on fire.”

I honestly don’t think anyone will truly buy these, and I’ll be the first to admit it’s a bit pricey (even though I’ve set the profit margin as low as Zazzle will let me). But they were fun to make!

And if anyone does go ahead and buy any of these items, please send me a picture and I will post it flagrantly across the social media landscape!