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Game of the Motherfucking Year: Nelly Cootalot – The Fowl Fleet

It was actually hard to name a “Game of the Motherfucking Year” for 2016, but I’ve decided to go with Nelly Cootalot – The Fowl Fleet for two simple reasons:

  1. It was a good game.
  2. It made me laugh.

Game of the Motherfucking Year 2016: Nelly Cootalot - The Fowl Fleet

By “good game,” I mean it had well-designed puzzles, had a good story, and completing it felt like a worthwhile accomplishment.

By “it made me laugh,” I mean it honestly made me laugh. You know when you write LOL online but didn’t actually LOL? Most of the time when we say something made us laugh, it didn’t actually make us physically laugh; it just triggered that part of your brain that goes, “That was funny,” and we recognize it as funny.

They do.

They do.

Nelly Cootalot made me laugh. Like, out loud. Loud enough to wake my wife, who was sleeping when I was playing it.

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SQH Reviews, Written reviews

“Yarr, matey. Where me feathery flock at?” – Review of Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

I’ve had the great fortune to spend the past handful of weeks playing a review copy of Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet, because the publishers with the auspicious name Application Systems thought I had journalistic integrity (joke’s on them), so I could tell you — on this, the day of her public unveiling (that’s a creepy sentence) — if it’s any good or not.

It is.

Can I go home now?

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Guest appearances, Square Waves FM

Square Waves FM: Serious Stalling for Time

I was invited back on the Square Waves FM podcast to talk about a topic.

We never got around to the topic.

The topic was supposed to be “life lessons learned from playing video games.” And I had nothing. I was really resigned to just sit back and let Brian and Bianca run through their list.

Luckily, their new show format limits them to just 90 minutes of air-time, and I managed to stall for time long enough for them to actually never get to the topic in question.

So this episode is just a bunch of rambling about games we’ve played, Brian’s problems with his hosting provider, making sense of The 7th Guest, me suddenly being a game reviewer, and some stuff about ditches.

Give it a listen:

You can also download the episode from their website.

Thanks again to Brian & Bianca for inviting me back. It’s always a good time being on the Squares’ podcast, and this was definitely no exception.