Overseer never looked this good

I know me talking about this is hardly news, but the news part of this post is that we’ve now got the first official teaser trailer for it. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack for just a second.

I’m not sure for how long (the earliest dev blog is dated March 2015), but some fans decided to sit down and recreate Tex Murphy: Overseer.

Update: The lead developer, Holger, got in touch with me and said that they officially started in February 2015, but he was doing prototypes as early as December 2014.

You know, the 1998 game that Access Software had to rush through development because they had Intel hovering over their ass promising them shiny dubloons if they completed the game in record time, only to pull out at the last second and leave them unfulfilled like a– okay, this makes Intel sound like an egotistical boyfriend. Anyway.

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Guinness World Records thinks George Stobbart is older than Tex Murphy

The first Broken Sword game was released in 1996. It was a great game — at least, I think so. I really enjoyed it a lot. It was dry, humorous, exciting, gorgeous, and well-written, even if it moved a tad slowly at times.

So I’m not going into this because I hate Broken Sword. I really don’t. I may have said in the past that I think Broken Sword is a dead horse that needs to stop being beaten, I have very little but contempt for Broken Sword 3 to the point where I outright refuse to play Broken Sword 4, and, while I’m open to playing the latest crowdfunded instalment, Broken Sword 5, I haven’t yet and I’m not in any hurry to. I stand by those utterances, but it doesn’t change the fact that I like Broken Sword.

Okay? Great.

With that in mind, I really must strenuously object to Guinness World Records awarding George Stobbart, the Broken Sword main character, the “longest running graphic adventure videogame protagonist.”

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