Battle of the U.I.s, Pt. 3: The One U.I. to End Them All

This has been a long time coming, but I was recently reminded of this topic as I have been (glacially) doing the groundwork for Space Quest Historian: The Adventure Game. When you're making a game, one of the things you have to settle on early is what kind of user interface the game will be [...]


Early graphic adventure games: Murder on the Mississippi

At this point, we're all pretty used to calling Maniac Mansion "the first graphic adventure game," and just kind of leave it at that. By that, I mean that the natural evolution of graphic adventure games is mostly centered on what LucasArts and Sierra were doing with the fancy new pointing-and-clicking peripherals, and not much attention has [...]

Battle of the U.I.s, Pt. 2: Verb coin vs. single-click

In this, the 2nd instalment of my little blog series on adventure game interfaces, we take a look at two of my least favorite interfaces. The kind that's either cumbersome or simply treats you like an idiot. That's right, synchronize your Swatches, 'cos it's bitching time. Verb coin When you think "verb coin," you probably [...]

Battle of the U.I.s, Pt. 1: Icon bar vs. 2-button

I had an interesting "story meeting" over Skype with Josh Henry, the dude who wrote this, and is now helping me hammer out a story for Space Quest Historian: The Adventure Game. He asked me something I don't think has been discussed nearly enough, save for a few bouts of opinionated back-and-forth on Twitter, and [...]