SQH Podcast

I wrote, hosted, and produced three seasons of The Space Quest Historian Podcast from 2013-2016.

The first two seasons consisted primarily of ramblings by me, along with guest segments, skits, and musical interludes. The third season focused more on interviews with game developers and had a grand season-long fictional narrative.

The podcast used to be hosted on TechJives. Some of the episodes were thought to be lost, but have since been recovered. I am in the process of making those available very soon.

Back Seat Designers

BSD started out as a side-project of the SQH podcast, but quickly spiraled out of control (in more ways than one). The first two seasons are literally just me phoning up Frederik Olsen and talking crap for an hour. But from season 3 onwards, we added Gareth Millward as a third host, and by season 4 we started getting into interviews.

We’re lucky to have interviewed such illustrious game developers as Tom Hall, Charles Cecil, John Romero, Dave Gilbert, and Chris Jones (the original Tex Murphy).

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