I make podcasts, videos and blogs — usually about adventure games, but other types of games have been known to surface.

Let’s Plays and video reviews

Over on my YouTube channel, I do Let’s Play videos and video reviews.

The LP videos (#SQHPlays) come out twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The video reviews (#SQHReviews) are scripted affairs with a lot of narration and intercutting, and as such are a bit more irregular and come out whenever I get ’em done.

Twitch streaming

I try to do a live streaming of a game every Wednesday over on my Twitch profile.

I’ve just started doing this, so please be gentle with me.

Highlights from my streams will be posted back onto the YouTube channel.


I’ve been doing the Space Quest Historian podcast for 3 seasons now. It has featured input from Space Quest alumni Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, Ken Allen, Josh Mandel, Mark Seibert; Space Quest III composer Bob Siebenberg; and (in season 3) the developers of Fran Bow, Shardlight, Scratches, Darkside Detective, Dropsy the Clown, Blackwell Epiphany, and more.

Subscribe to the show via iTunes, Android, RSS, Stitcher Radio, or whatever you want.

I have two other podcasts with mates of mine. Look for links to those in the footer.

Support my ass

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