Hi, I’m the Space Quest Historian, and I’ve had this website for a very, very long time.

I used to think I was a podcaster. And a blogger. Then I became a Let’s Player on YouTube. I dabbled in streaming. Then, at the end of 2019, with impending fatherhood looming at the start of 2020, I decided I’d become a game developer.

Now, six months in (as I write this), what I’m doing in 2020, besides maintaining a full-time job and helping take care of a baby, falls into three categories:

* You’d think, with a name like mine, this is all I’d be doing, but it’s actually only recently that I’ve focused exclusively on making videos about Space Quest instead of traditional Let’s Play content. 

Admittedly, all of this is relatively slow-moving, since the aforementioned job- and baby responsibilities far outweigh the time I have to pursue these hobbies of mine.

But things are getting done, and if you’d like to know more and keep up, I’m using my Patreon as a sort of update central for most of this — the games and the videos part, anyway.

And, as always, the SQH Discord is really the place to be. For a number of reasons. Mostly because it’s fun.

Below here are some archival blog posts from when this used to be an active blog. They can be kinda fun to read through, so I’ve kept them for archival/historical purposes. Just know I don’t really use this site for blogging anymore.