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Bulb Boy – Part 1

Last night, I started playing Bulb Boy — a fantastically twisted non-verbal adventure game about a little boy whose head is seriously shaped like a light bulb. Don’t get too comfy, though: this game gets dark, man.

Join us on the first epic part of this journey into weirdness involving tentacle monsters, headless turkey monsters, squirty lube, and exploding spiders!

Broken Age – Part 13

I know I’ve been kind of lax in my promise to do regular Let’s Play videos lately, and there’s a somewhat semi-good reason for that, but now I’m back! And I’m back to play more Broken Age!

This time, let’s finally get that friggin’ bomb off the ship, and also do some knitting! No, really. That’s what we’re doing.

Square Waves FM: Games We Hate

I was on the Square Waves FM podcast again last weekend. This time I was joined by my good Twitter friend Darth Helmet talking about games that we utterly despise.

We do actually get into games we really like as well, and it’s a very rambunctious and fun-filled episode where we basically spend most of our time off-topic antagonizing co-host Bianca.

Have a listen:

Or download the episode from their website.

Thanks again, Brian and Bianca, for having me on your show, and thanks, Darth, for being there with me.

Kentucky Route Zero – Part 11

Of all the things this batshit crazy game could throw at me, I was not expecting a fucking text adventure section! Then again, this game really defies expectations. At every single turn.

You’ll have to pardon the lack of video during the Hall of the Mountain King section, once again, but this time it’s mercifully short.

Kentucky Route Zero – Part 10

Just as things are starting to come together, I am burdened by technical difficulties. Don’t ask me why, but, upon reaching the Hall of the Mountain King (no, really), my recording software decided that was just too exciting and that recording video along with my commentary was just too much of a chore.

Hence, here’s a dialogue-heavy but visually un-stimulating episode of Kentucky Route Zero. Let me assure you, this will all make sense in the long run. (Not guaranteed.)

Broken Age – Part 12

After a week-long hiatus, I’m back with more Broken Age. Truth be told, I recorded this a week ago, but that’s no matter.

What does matter is that Vella has finally flipped her shit and is off looking for some goddamn explosives! Well, far be it from me to reject a lady’s wishes, especially when she’s aching to blow stuff up.

Broken Age – Part 11

We begin this episode with a flashback to last week when I was immensely frustrated. We cut to tonight’s exciting episode where we do accomplish something, and then get even more frustrated. And also bewildered.

Kentucky Route Zero – Part 9

We get back on the road thanks to two hipsters who hijack us into watching their bar performance for reasons that I’m sure will become clear to me soon. Or not. This game is not making a lot of sense, but I’m still enjoying it a lot.

Kentucky Route Zero – Part 8

Sorry to say that not much happens in this episode. Me and my fantastic glowing technicolor leg take a lap around the parking lot of the Museum of Dwellings, and … that’s about it, really.

Not only that, but the video is really choppy as well. My computer does not like recording for more than an hour. (This episode was the tail-end half of the previous KRZ episode. I recorded for over an hour. Not good.)

The next episode will be much more exciting. Please believe me.

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